Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A new group from Brazil

This is a new group that is going to take part in the festival.It´s a basic 4 group and it will send some films very soon.The students take English classes twice a week in Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga in Brasilia, the capital.
We hope you enjoy our films

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Show time! / Teens-Pre Intermediate ARICANA Argentina

Enjoy our latest Computer Lab movies!

4th Adol Jr. (12 - 14 year olds) Pre-Intermediate
Our Planet by Ignacio and Rodrigo
Argentina-Brazil by Manuel and Juan Ignacio
The Hungry Bear by Ezequiel, Ilan and Lucho
Tommy vs. Jack by Aranzazú, Amira and Sofía
A Love Story by Tali and Victoria

4th aAdol Jr. (12 - 14 year olds) Pre-Intermediate
IN THE HEIGHT By Guillermina and Paula
A CHRISTMAS EVE By Agostina and Karina
THE SILLY MOVIE By Leonardo and Juan Manuel
A BAD CHRISTMAS…? By Pilar and Leonela

3rd Adol Jr. (12 -13 year olds) Pre - Intermadiate

The Monster's Mountain by Lucas, Ivo and Leandro
Love in the Hotel by Pablo and Pablo
The Mountain by Tomás and Nicolás
Saving Christmas by Virginia and Luisina

Teachers: Jesica and Carla R.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Show time! / Teens-Elementary ARICANA Argentina

Check out our Computer Lab students' movies

2nd Adol. Jr. (12 - 13 year olds) Elementary
Where is my food? by Agustin and Juan Cruz
Hypnosis by Guillermina and Marco
Crazy Cat by Paula, Yoana and Pablo

2nd Adol. Jr. (12-13 year olds) Elementary
17th Dimension By Lautaro and Ezequiel
Idol Mystery By Juan
Treasure Hunt By Lisandro and Diego
The Perfect Movie By Ulises
The False Movie By Iván and Francisco
Lula and Sol By Luisina and Sol
A Romantic Movie By Julia and Vanesa
THE IDOL CAT By Gimena, Maria Eugenia and Sofia

2nd Adol. Sr. (14 - 16 year olds) Elementary
A Day on the Desert by Ramiro and Fabián
Cupido, the Angel by Liliana, Gina and Sofía
He, She and the Bear by Mary and Geraldine
The Monster by Sabri, Marcos y Flavio
You’re Wrong by Valentino and Ramiro

Buy your tickets and enjoy! Jesica and Carla R.