Friday, July 21, 2006

Words of wisdom…

As Hala suggested, we should ask the experts. Well… How about George Lucas? Yes, the filmmaker! He’s the founder and chairman of an Educational Organization called Edutopia that encourages innovation and technology integration in schools.

Click on this link , click on Play Video and then on:

George Lucas: The new language of learning, where he discusses the importance of art to develop communication skills. Even if he has English as L1 in mind, I’m sure you’ll find some concepts and ideas that are relevant to our teaching situation.

Thanks Graham, Carla and Erika for sparking this initiative!

More soon…


Hala said...
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Hala said...

sorry,I posted one and deleted it!We are Lwc guys!Carla,I thin we do have an expert already!YOU!Lucas is a good one as I heard "read"!There is someone else who gave a session three days at Tappedin,you can ask BJ about hime.He was so good!

CarlaR said...

Dear Hala,

Thanks for your comment! I'm not an expert, but I do like films a lot. One of my favorite ones is The Truman Show. What about you?

About this person you met at Tappedin, what does he do exactly? I remember BJ from the TI tour at BaW06, but I never returned there.
There are so many interesting things to do!!

Keep in touch.

Erika Cruvinel said...

Carla, I loved the idea of having a blog to discuss ideas for our film festival. My students are on vacation now, but I can't wait for classes to start so that we can start working with dfilm or Zimmer Twins.
We might need to think of categories for the film festival..

CarlaR said...

Sure Erika, have a look at the comments for the first post below and tell us what you think about the ideas that have been suggested there.

Let's keep in touch


anamaria said...

Carla, I´d really like to join the festival idea with my groups. But I have a question, where would our sts send their movies to?

CarlaR said...

Hi Ana Maria,

Great question! I think all teachers that want to take part in the festival should become members of this blog. Students could send you the movies by e/mail and then you can post them here. What do you think? I'll send you a mail so that you can become a member.
Thanks for joining us!

Carla R.