Saturday, September 02, 2006

Let's choose a poster

These are some possible posters (designs) I created with
Vote for your favorite poster or create another one!


Jesica said...

I vote for the third one!!

anamaria said...

I vote for the first one. Question: How can our students submit their films, do they e-mail to a certain address or what? It´s not very clear to me.

CarlaR said...

Hi, Ana María!

I've sent you an invitation to become a member of this blog, so that you can post the movies yourself. Have you recieved it?
Students can send you the movie to your e-mail address and you post them on the blog.
Let me know if this is ok with you?

Carla R.

ana maria / polyana said...

Hi, Carla!

I´ve just received the invitation and we´re in. I teach in Brazil too and thanks to Carla Arena I joined the group in July. I´ll be inviting my students to create films. So, let us see...

CarlaR said...

Welcome Ana María,

Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on with the project.

Carla R.